School Adventure Programmes


We believe in giving young people genuine challenges – encouraging them to embrace adventure, to learn about and understand risk, have fun and importantly how to live in the ‘now’. Making the most of the natural environment that surrounds us here in Cornwall, we create activity programmes so that young people can learn enthusiastically and with confidence, whilst having the time of their lives.


Tuesday – An action packed first day out . They’ll be up early for a big feed at breakfast and heading out to the sea cliffs of Cornwall. With an intro to climbing, they’ll be ‘shown the ropes’ and away they go. Following a well needed packed lunch after taking on some classic Cornish granite climbs, the pupils will be swapping going up for coming down! with an afternoon of abseiling… Back in time for tea and a good night’s rest.




Wednesday – As it turns out, Tuesday is just the training day. After a day of getting used to being on rock, pupils are in for a big day at the coast with the crash of the north coast waves. They’ll tackle wet rocks and the power of water as they head round the coastline – climbing, jumping and swimming is to be expected on an exciting coasteer adventure.. With this being a first real taste of the wildness the sea can bring, for many the afternoon is spent harnessing its power as students are taught the skills needed to ride the surf and enjoy an action packed surf lesson. Introducing pupils who wouldn’t normally get these kind of experiences can be extremely impactful and at Salt Air Adventures, we couldn’t be happier in helping to support students as they take potentially life altering steps and experience moments they’ll never forget.


Thursday –  After 2 days of adventures, building as a team and having learned all sorts of new skills it’s time to slow down a little, today students will put all those experiences and new skills into  practice whilst learning some new ones too. They’ll be up at the creek and exploring the river on kayaks and rafts. Continuing to work together as a team the groups can dictate their own pace and decide if they want to get wet or not?! We have no doubt that this is the week they’ll remember the most and, after a final dinner of telling adventurous tales and daring deeds from the week, how could anyone forget!?


It goes without saying that families and friends all feel rather envious of the adventure your group has embarked on, and it gets us thinking about what we might end up exploring for ourselves this summer.

This has been just a little insider info on what could happen on your group’s adventure trip with Salt Air, but who knows where each day will take you and how the adventure (as they often do) might take some unexpected turns as we offer a huge range of adventure activities and tailor every programme to your group’s needs and expectations.


SaltAir Graphic